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About US...

From humble beginnings...


Established April 2012 The Marching Band of St. Gregory's was started with a small group of youngsters and several Instructors willing to teach them music.

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About Us...


Come great things...

Several busy years later we are an established traditional marching band with experience in leading carnivals, participating in community and charity events, fund raisers and have even held our very own "evening of entertainment". 

We have built up a band that is as close and supportive as I have ever know, and we want to make the band family larger, and that means recruiting. So please, if you are a little interested, just send us a message. Banding isn't for everyone, but until you try it, you will never know.


so what's next?

Over the past few years we have experienced so much. Whether it be the nostalgia of going to watch the Birmingham Tattoo, or the pride of being on Parade, the adrenaline of competing or the team building of staying aboard a war ship for a weekend.

The experiences of being in a Youth Marching Band is far more than learning to play a musical instrument. It's a way of life.

runners up
National Finals 2019
Band Master’s Notes 


Thank you for visiting our web site, and I hope you take the time to get in touch, let us know what events you have upcoming that we may be able to help you with.

We are always working on recruitment and fundraising as well as pushing forward as a group. We see band as an extended family, and everyone buys in to this mentality.

We fail as a team and we succeed as a team. 

All I can say is, come along, try it out, and most of all....   have some fun. I guarantee you will enjoy your time with us.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.


Band Master

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